What’s with the shoes?

image132.jpgEvery time I go through a US airport I am reminded how much farther the government has to go to return to reality. Ok, so there are no more armed soldiers at the x-ray machines (as if even that was reassuring). But that they are still making people take off their shoes is stupid (it always was, and I hate walking in my socks in a filthy airport, ew). I almost expect that after the Madrid tragedy the US will start to confiscate mobile phones, much like they started confiscating nail clippers and can openers (lethal indeed).

The government is still pushing the fear buttons of Americans. The shoe scan is a clear example of a placebo that in the end serves no purpose and actually can be harmful through promoting an unfounded feeling of security.

I’m old enough to remember Beirut, Locherbie, and other horrors of the 70’s and 80’s. Bush and his cronies want up to think this is all new. They have built it all up to serve as an excuse to blow things up and not have to actually run the nation.

If someone wanted to wreak havoc, they’ll find a way. You can’t create a foolproof system – it’s a numbers game. Let’s focus on lessening the hate in the world, rather than fanning a few flames out of control.

Posted in a waiting lounge at JFK, from my Nokia 6600. Be glad my thumbs have kept me from a real rant.

PS I managed to skip the shoe inspection leaving Atlanta and leaving NYC. My little form of protest.
PPS Someone asked me what I thought of the ‘cavity search’ at the airports. I think the guy also wants to move to Finland. 😉
PPPS Another pal enlightened me and told me it was just a metal detector thing. Odd that the security folks aren’t so forthcoming with the rationale.