After a fine evening with friends, we relax with soothing candles, wine, and each other. Sometimes it is easy to find that calm space, and you don’t think of anything, lest it be disturbed.

Lifeblog over the air?

One common question I am asked is why we don’t allow Lifeblog on the phone to connect to a Lifeblog-like repository online. I suppose the major use would be to upload stuff a few items at a time. OK, that seems doable. But, video and photos, likely the bulk of what would be transferred, are […]

Shortcuts in Lifeblog 1.5 on the phone

In the Timeline and Mobile Favourites: * – Add note # – Go to date In Item view: * – View details Here are some for images when viewing an item in detail view: 1 – Rotate left (also in Timeline, Mobile Favourites) 3 – Rotate right (also in Timeline, Mobile Favourites) 5 – Zoom […]

Lights in the darkness

Looking up our driveway at the neighbours’ entrances A beautiful candle holder In the winter, when darkness seems to dominate, Finns bring out candles that ever so gently brighten up the night. I have seen so many beautiful variations of presenting candles in the snowy night.

Around the Cathedral

A view from the pulpit The manger We start at 7, so I’m just milling about.

Christmas Chorale

Helsinki Cathedral View from the choir I’m in a Christmas choir of an Anglican parish here in Helsinki. I’m in it for the fun. My friend is one of the conductors and she asked me to come. It’s been fun, since it’s been something like over 15 years since I last sang in a choir.

New PC Suite – version 6.41

There’s a new PC Suite version out that some guys I work with say has a few neat improvements, such as a new Bluetooth Wizard. A few techies I know got stuck trying to synch over Bluetooth. I think they had messed with the drivers or had two stack version on one machine. The Wizard […]

Lifeblog posting protocol specification 1.0

This is the technical document that explains how we use Atom to post multimedia content online. Use this document to figure out how to adapt your servers to use Lifeblog 1.5. Download the Lifeblog posting protocol specification 1.0.pdf I will be putting this document eventually on the Nokia Lifeblog website, under the blogging FAQs. I […]

Nokia Lifeblog 1.5 available!

The Nokia Lifeblog site just went live with the newest version – Lifeblog 1.5. This is the version that uses Atom to post to the web. The first blog service that it works with is Six Apart’s TypePad web logging service (the one I use, here). We’ve worked with Six Apart to get it working […]