Airports, shoes, and a horribly screwed up emerging police state

Shoes, again Shoes, again.

Once again, a very small thing pisses me off.

I live outside the US and my work brings me back often. My major contact with the Government is mostly airport security and customs. Customs never gives me trouble, nor really does airport security. But, today they asked me (and everyone else) to take off their shoes, even soft soled ones.


I will once again state that the x-ray inspection of shoes is one of those innocuous indicators of a super screwed up security policy.

As I predicted in an earlier post, the inspections are getting out of hand – see all the reports of groping by TSA checkpoint staff. Also, smaller airports are trying to kick out the TSA. And how about the rule against people congregating anywhere on the plane? That’s straight out of every police state’s book, verbatim.

This all reminds me of the whole Inquisitor thing by Prof. Umbridge in Harry Potter, Order of the Phoenix. Police states only grow and only major outcry has any hope of reversing the loss of liberties. My message to the redundant Homeland Security Agency, the TSA, and George and his cronies: Have you no shame?

Ah, for a refreshing Jeffersonian revolution. It’s been a long time since the last one.