The ‘Recombinant Web’?

Having worked with recombinant DNA for 12 years, I think I like the term ‘Recombinant Web’ better than Web 2.0 or Web 5.5. 😉 Link: What CEOs should know about the ‘recombinant Web’ | Between the Lines |

Not me

Not me Originally uploaded by schickr. Thu 29.09.2005 08.45 Image 007


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An old haunt

An old haunt Originally uploaded by schickr. Hey, Matt. Here is where I spent countless hours among comics: Million Year Picnic on Mt Auburn St, Cambridge Mass.

No-ivy Ivy League

No-ivy Ivy League Originally uploaded by schickr. Hahvahd Yahd


Ivy Originally uploaded by schickr. Hugo, at the ivyist of Ivy League schools, this is the only ivy I could find. FASHION & BLOGGING CONFERENCE

Way to go Anina! A bunch of folks are picking it up. Anybody willing to fly me from NY for the night? Link: FASHION & BLOGGING CONFERENCE. OK! it’s official the 360fashion group will take the lead in the fashion industry sponsored by NOKIA FRANCE with a FASHION & BLOGGING CONFERENCE and EXHIBITION on […]


I really don’t like to review products unless I am really moved by them and feel that they serve as a great example of integrating into the mobile lifestyle. ContaStick is one such app for Series 60 phones. It basically is a one-handed operated UI to access all your contacts to call, sms, email, or […]

Ms Smart Pig

Ms Smart Pig Originally uploaded by schickr. 16:49 Thursday, 22 September, 2005 Ms Smart Pig brightened up my afternoon yesterday.


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