Bloglines makes a few clever tweaks to mobile site

To me, this update to Bloglines Mobile tells me that they have a mobile-savvy person in there who groks how folks want to use a mobile feed reader. And, it reminded me of some other nice little touches they provide, such as image reductions and so on. Use it! Link: Bloglines | News. Do you […]


15793_image 125.jpg Originally uploaded by schickr. Are we done yet?


15792_image 124.jpg Originally uploaded by schickr. Oh, you flatter me.


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Mobile Panel suggestion for Les Blogs 2.0 preliminary program

If the organizers are thinking of a Mobile Web 2.0 sort of session (they should), there are some people I can recommend (other than me – I’m disqualified). – Dave Harper, WINKsite (Scott Rafer is talking about RSS)– Debi Jones– Shawn Conahan, Intercasting Corp– Ni Jian, Nokia (what’s he doing on a video panel?)– Christian […]

White on white

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; )

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Paris December 5-6th 2005: Les Blogs 2.0 preliminary program

The program is shaping up for the Les Blogs 2 (link below). I’m now officially going and am looking forward to it, since I don’t think I will be able to make it to the US before then and talk with all these folks. But, about the program? Sigh. As expected, it’s going to be […]

Pentagon-White House-Capitol on Google Maps?

I love looking around on Google Maps when I have the time. But, this blurring and resolution things is something. Massachusetts appears in great detail, such that I can see my old house. Connecticut, on the other hand, is mostly blurred (close up of Hartford). Check out this link to see Massachusetts stand out in […]