Thems lots of apples, I mean, phones

And remember, 80% will be in emerging markets. Are you ready to capitalize on all those new subscribers who have no PC or fixed line phone, aspire to have access to Web services, and don’t speak English? Link: Nokia – Nokia outlines industry dynamics and growth at AGM – Press Releases – Press – About […]

Nokia fires off some low-priced phones for China, pushing for the next 1 billion new users

Nokia recently announced three new phones for China, with price ranges from 45-65 €. Not as inexpensive as some others I have seen, but definitely in a significant price range to sell in huge numbers. Link: Nokia – Performance, quality and ease of use – the hallmarks of Nokia’s newest range of iconic affordable phones […]

From InfoWorld: Europe to regulate mobile roaming rates

It’s about time we get to the bottom of this apparently gouging practice of exorbitant roaming charges. I hope the rest of the world follows suit. Link: Europe to regulate mobile roaming rates | InfoWorld | News | 2006-03-22 | By Peter Sayer, IDG News Service. "The objective is to promote competition and to ensure […]

Russell Beattie Notebook – Handheld Stylesheets

Great article showing a great example of using CSS to restyle a site for different browsers. At the end, he has a call to action. This idea gets my vote and everyone who is a CSS-jockey should come up with, not only CSS for mobiles, but a CSS version of their own site as well.* […]

Jason Fried wants: Less Phone: The Moto PEBL

Less is more. Simplicity vs Complexity. A few things well, rather than everything mediocre. We keep coming back to the fact that folks use their phones for only a few things (primarily: voice, sms, camera, alarm). Yet, the smartphone keeps getting more: more apps, more screen size, more icons, more buttons. Jason has some nice […]

Russell Buckley on: Mobile Vs Computer

Ah, that never-ending question: will the mobile replace the PC? I think Russell here has a nice way of thinking about this: when would you use the phone even if the PC were there. Yes. That’s the way to think about it. Not either-or but which is best for what. Link: Mobile Vs Computer at […]

mojo on: It’s Hard Out Here Being a Blog Pimp

More on the Mobikyo story. Link: It’s Hard Out Here Being a Blog Pimp | 3/26/2006 | mobile jones. My blogging has definitely been side tracked this week by the on going conversations around my Mobikyo post.  Much of this discussion has taken place either via email or IRC with most agreeing that the implementation […]

anti-mega on: smart goods – the story so far

Chris is an extremely creative and clever guy at Nokia. Here he tells a great story about his Nabaztag bunny. It’s a story about how to design ambient devices in this ubiquitous computing era, how to make your product more interesting by raising the option value (hackability), and the fun stuff he’s already done with […]

Ajit on Read/WriteWeb on: Mobile web applications – do they need the browser?

Ajit is contributing to Read/Write Web, introducing a new audience to the joys of the mobile world. In this article (link below) he does a quick overview of what a mobile browser needs to contend with. He asks: After all, the browser works well on the PC as a universal client – why not on […]

danah boyd on: Friendster lost steam. Is MySpace just a fad?

James Reilly pointed out a great essay by danah boyd on MySpace, comparing it to and making prediction based on the tragic trajectory of Friendster. There are many aspects to this great analysis:– social currency– community critical mass – community leadership – social discovery and delight – cultural capital vs hegemonic capital– moral panic– collapsed […]