Got mobile platform stats? Anders does.

Some interesting stats collected and brought into one place by Anders. He’s looking at the different mobile platforms. I am impressed that there are 700M Java phones, though he doesn’t split them between MIDP 1 or 2 (and of course, this must included smartphones and such). How long will it take, though for Symbian, soon […]

Stephanie on: Alex, Pig, GSM and the Digital Divide

Stephanie has this great article looking into the impact of mobile phones in emerging markets. Emerging markets are a large part of the book I’m working on, since the numbers of folks who will take the next billion phones* who are from India, China, or Afica should make us wake up to the impending (already […]

And speaking about going analog…

Even though I live with gadgets and tech, I am not really a gadget person. I think in terms of ‘doing’ things not ‘enablers’ and such. Chris Heathcote, who might come across as a techie, but isn’t really (he’s ‘just’ a really interested, as in ‘interested in everything’, person). He voices his realization   that […]

Boston Globe on: PDA buffs go back to basics

Great article in the Boston Globe (link below) investigating the analog counter-culture – pads and pens replacing PDAs. Even though I have have managed my calendar, contacts, to-dos, and some notes on mobile devices for the past 8 years* or so, I still write most of my articles and stories, and take notes at meetings […]