links for 2007-02-27

fring – Mobile VoIP application for cellular handsets (tags: VoIP mobile skype software Telephony wireless wifi tool tools communication presence internet services sip phones phone)

Tired words: Seamless

Matt tapped my shoulder on this one. I have to concur. Seamless – A penny for everytime some service provider uses this word. I’ve never really been much of a fan of this one. I think it’s mostly because this word sounds so much like ‘seemless’, which reminds me of something shameful, or ‘seem less’ […]

Great discussion on use and design in Twitter

Twitter intrigues me. I stumbled upon an amazing article (link below) dissecting Twitter and introducing me to Twitterific, a separate ‘widget’ to interact with Twitter outside of a browser. Worth a read. Link [courtesy of Tom]: Subtraction: Writing and Sizing Twitter: Your observations about sovereign vs. auxillary posture are spot on. One of our design […]

Cost cost cost.

All right. I’m an now fully in the camp of ‘WTF are the operators thinking?’. A few years back, I was uploading a few videos and it kept failing, since the network was not happy I was sending something huge upstream. When I realized that I was repeatedly uploading a large file, I knew that […]

Digital pheromones

I was participating in a Nokia Design workshop a few weeks back and it was the usual flurry of post-its, clever drawings, and a bazilion interesting ideas and concepts. One new twist for me was the workshop leaders at one stage suggested we write our ideas in the form of poetry. Yeah, that got me. […]