Digital pheromones

I was participating in a Nokia Design workshop a few weeks back and it was the usual flurry of post-its, clever drawings, and a bazilion interesting ideas and concepts.

One new twist for me was the workshop leaders at one stage suggested we write our ideas in the form of poetry.

Yeah, that got me. And I can think of a ton of ideas why it helps. Indeed, for our team, the only one to actually do a poem, it led right into a great collection of concepts.

So, below is our poem. It was a true collaboration, with each of us contributing part of the story.

Digital Pheromones

Her presence permeated the ordinary,
Lighting our pockets along the way.
We smile, and miss her.
With a sniff of sadness,
She knows we are here.

by: Phil, Riitta, Timo, and Charlie
Espoo – 31jan07