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The Outsourced Brain – New York Times “I discovered the Sacred Order of the External Mind. I realized I could outsource those mental tasks I didn’t want to perform. Life is a math problem, and I had a calculator.” (tags: philosophy complexification community communication internet socialsoftware society) » Blog Archive » Upcoming MobileCamps in […]

Google Calendar for iPhone

Stumbled upon this yesterday. So pretty. Sigh. And, yes, there is One Web, but if you can tailor the experience, then do it. Link: Google Calendar: Just launched! Stay on task with Google Calendar on your iPhone With an easy-to-read interface, Google Calendar now works (and looks) better on your iPhone. Enhanced ‘touch-screen’ buttons and […]

Kids and phones and IM and SMS

A colleague was mentioning how his (American) daughters were getting all caught up with Webkinz: “Webkinz pets are lovable plush pets that each come with a unique Secret Code. With it, you enter Webkinz World where you care for your virtual pet, answer trivia, earn KinzCash, and play the best kids games on the net!” […]

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I Should Be Writing “A podcast by a wanna-be writer for wanna-be writers. Let my stack of rejection letters and battle scars benefit you.” (tags: podcasts writing support tips writer inspiration personal podcast publishing reference books culture english fiction fun) “At Dashwire, we believe that some things are just easier to do on your […]

Tired words: Technology

Haven’t had many tired words lately (though I have had my overload of tired other-things). This one comes from an event I was at where it was way overused. Technology – I am finding myself less and less a technologist and more and more a story person. I’m not an idiot (you can argue, if […]

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Cognections: Puzzled Monkey I was waiting for my mates, having a Dinglefoot at the Money Puzzle, while a greek improv band with a bazuki was dancing on the tables. [A new short short story of mine.] (tags: story writing) YouTube – Fantoche (2 times) [Awesome bit of animation made on a wall and interacting with […]

Puzzled Monkey

I was waiting for my mates, having a Dinglefoot at the Monkey Puzzle, while a Greek improv band with a bazuki was dancing on the tables. I, spent from the regular collisions of inanity and insanity by the people I, by necessity, as part of a megacorp and all that implies, must conform to, sat […]

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Nokia’s Latest Pocket Computer (the N810) as Mobile Platform [hat tip MarkoA – I really like how they put this] The real news, though, is around Nokia’s efforts to build its Ovi platform. Ovi is a set of APIs that Nokia is using to create mobile Web services for its phones, including the N810. And […]

Status: Relax

Status: Relax Originally uploaded by schickr.

Vanishing point

Vanishing point Originally uploaded by schickr. I think that’s the place I’ve been looking for.