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SLOOH – Home Explore the stars with a real telescope, with real astronomers, with other real people, all from your browser. Gotta try it. (tags: astronomy cool education free fun geek images interesting internet online remote research science space tools telescope slooh) ScienceBlogs [squee!] “ScienceBlogs is very much an experiment in science communication, and being […]

Fingerroos – sounds like an Aussie glove manufacturer

Fingerroos – sounds like an Aussie glove manufacturer Originally uploaded by schickr. Argh, tried to catch this truck this morning, but driving and pointing to a truck in another lane in flowing rush hour traffic could earn you a Darwin Award. So, tough, it’s blurry. [And don’t Google for it, since it’s also the surname […]

links for 2007-11-28

An Open Facebook API vs Google OpenSocial – Blog Maverick “What I do know is this. As long as Facebook keeps expanding the power of my profile, there is no reason for me or anyone else to create another profile anywhere else, including any of the Google OpenSocial alliance members. If all the value of […]

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Asia Times – Tolkien’s Ring: When immortality is not enough (tags: tolkien society nationalism nations nation future) freesound :: home page [Snagging sound clips] “The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. Freesound focusses only on sound, not songs.” (tags: audio community cool creativity diy free freeware fun tools tool radio […]

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MobHappy » Blog Archive » Mobile Brings Newspapers To Life “But the basic idea is that users see an ad in the newspaper and bring it to life via an application on their mobile. In this case, the ad is for a Zoo and you can use your mobile to see images in 3D of […]