Really cool: Dopplr Raumzeitgeist 2007

Dopplr is not a service. It’s a pretty and fun toy that the Dopplr folks built for all of us to play with. And while we play with it, they get to play with it some more. They’ve just published the Raumzeitgeist (see quote below), leading to a lovely image of where Dopplrs have been […]

links for 2008-01-31

Nec Flask Cell Phone Is Pure Liquid Gold : Chip Chick [cool] The NEC Flask which will be released sometime in 2008, it is powered by a liquid fuel cell that disappears as power is drained away. (tags: phone battery batteries FUEL fuelcells design)

IDC is forecasting single-digit handset market growth in ’08

Wow, that’s harsh. The last few years’ growth has been over 10%, mostly above 20%, per year. But, we’ve known that it couldn’t last. I mean, in the next few years, anyone who wants a phone will have one. Then what? I had a discussion with a friend of mine who is an investor. His […]

Fjord designing sweet things for Barcelona World Mobile Congress

I was over at Fjord‘s Helsinki office, visiting Christian, who was in town. He pointed out that Fjord is going to have a booth at MWC and that they will be having a chef, David Royer, from Chef à Domicile in Helsinki, on hand making some cool sweet things specifically designed by Royer and Fjord […]

links for 2008-01-28

Brazilian Lessons for 2008 – New York Times It’s good to begin the year in a country where coconuts are cleaved with nonchalant grace and the air is salty-sweet and there are guys on the beach from the “Life is Too Short Surf Club” and the minister of tourism advises those frustrated by long (tags: […]

Venter’s team takes the next step toward custom-built organisms

The biology maverick, Craig Venter, has rapidly taken the next step in creating custom organisms (link below to news article). Recently, his team managed to test if they could replace a genome in a bacteria with one of their choosing. Now they took the next step and stitched together a whole genome. He’s taking the […]

Paul Saffo on the Rules of Forecasting

Saffo to me was always some sort of weird wizard who thought and saw differently than others. I’ve met folks who channel the future, and it’s always wondrous and bewildering. Saffo gave a Long Now seminar recently and here (link below) is the summary (alas, I am way way behind on listening or watching them). […]

links for 2008-01-26

January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day (tags: activism funny humor interesting internet myspace networking social SocialNetworking socialsoftware web) Bug Labs (tags: camera electronics gadgets hardware opensource diy programming development wifi projects gps gadget future platform photography phone crowdsourcing computers open interesting company hacks Hacking)

The Coral Reef is sick: Twitter is now Stumblr.

Shel Israel is a long time veteran, on the leading edge of internet services. As a big Twitter user, he’s written an open letter to the Twitter team, speaking for the users, pointing out the precarious position Twitter is moving themselves into as they start having prime-time outages. Evan is a sly dog who knows […]

Very frank CEOs

As part of my new job, I need to get back into the world of, ugh, corporate blogs. Well, seems like things have moved pretty far since I was watching the scene back in 2005. For example, this post from Johnathan Schwartz is quite well written and insightful and not what you would expect from […]