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WebQuestUK Heard of this while talking about education by Personal Inquiry and Inquiry Guides. (tags: resources education internet learning webquest webquests)

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The Health Care Blog: Analyzing the benefits of PatientsLikeMe social network site "Two research papers were published this month on the Health 2.0 Web site, PatientsLikeMe. PatientsLikeMe is arguably the only "real" health social network online today, because it allows patients to share actual data that matters with one another — their personal health data." […]

Social networking and health – notes from SXSW

I was at SXSW last week and sat in on some seminars and conversations that I found particularly intersting. One session was a "conversation," held in a small room where most of the folks sat on the floor. It was packed and the discussion was excellent. Titled "Social Networking in Health: e-Patients, Data & Privacy," […]

Leaving Nokia

I was going to wait a few months to let folks know, but the communicative department I work in has spread the news quickly inside the company. So, it’s only fair to blurt it all out. Yes, after 8 years living and working in Finland with Nokia, I’ve decided to leave (my last official day […]

Changing names

As you can tell, I've been writing more and more about science, biochemistry, medicine, and the like. I've moved most of my mobile industry writing to Nokia Conversations, the corporate blog I run for Nokia (for now; more on that later). Suspecting that I will be writing less things related to what I've been writing […]

links for 2009-03-21

The geneticist in the garage | Technology | The Guardian I heard about this woman at SXSW. And this is an OK article. But it shows that things are slightly shifting. This is getting to be real. "The 31-year-old ex-computer programmer and now biohacker is working on modifying jellyfish genes and adding them to yoghurt […]

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Ivan Kuznetsov » Blog Archive » Introducing Moozement (tags: moozement sports fitness web socialnetworking socialweb) Summering in Connecticut, Wintering in Rio – New York Times "With a view of Christo, Rio’s giant statue of Christ the Redeemer, framed in their living room window, there should be little wonder why Nancy and Gene Celentano moved back […]

MIT makes all its new scholarly research publications Open Access

This is amazing. I know folks battling for Open Access in science for over 10 years. Even with heavy hitters, such as Harold Varmus, PubMed, and others supporting Open Access, status quo still dominates the science publishing industry. Now, Peter Suber reports that the MIT faculty has voted unanimously to give the university nonexclusive, irrevocable, […]

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News Spectrum (tags: news visualization tool data) Twitter Spectrum (tags: twitter visualization tool data) Twitter Venn (tags: twitter visualization tool data)

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Thanksgiving revenge – Near to where I used to work Big park there. "A pair of wild turkeys held up morning traffic near the Longwood T station on Tuesday. According to locals, the birds are frequent flyers in the area." (tags: boston funny birds turkeys longwood wildlife)