Quick note on new gig

  For those who know, this summer has been busy for me: I stepped down from my fun job as Editor-in-Chief at Nokia Conversations and I moved my family (and dog) from Finland to the US. As if this were not enough, I have left Nokia today and have started to work at Children’s Hospital […]

links for 2009-09-27

Reimagining Boston's stalled projects – Boston.com "The Globe's Casey Ross asked some local artists and architects to reimagine these stalled projects and come up with ideas to make them part of the city's culture again." (tags: boston architecture development design urban interesting)

links for 2009-09-17

Top 25 cult films of all time – Boston.com OMG. How many of these have I not only seen, but can't get enough of? (tags: culture film movies list)

links for 2009-09-14

The Web At A New Crossroads brilliant (tags: diso socialnetworking trend future openid socialgraph)

Don’t guess the future of the social Web, read it right here.

Chris Messina and Jyri Engeström wrote a brilliant article on the Arctic Startup site (hey, Ville and Antti, nice catch!). Both of them have been actively pushing forward the concept, philosophy, and hard-core standards for a more person-centric Web. Link: The Web At A New Crossroads It’s 2009, going on 2010. For the past three […]

links for 2009-09-10

Google – Internet Stats (tags: internet tools technology media marketing trends future google research education data Statistics metrics stats demographics) Linda Avey, Co-Founder of 23andMe, to Leave Start-Up Wow. (tags: molecularist science 23andme biotech genetics personalgenomics business startups neuroscience alzheimers) Bill Would Set Lab Security Standards "The bill would require labs to categorize the most […]

links for 2009-09-04

Synthetic Biology is not your new bicylce | My Biotech Life Hear hear (tags: synthetic biology synthbio science molecularist)

links for 2009-09-03

Life's proteins related by seven degrees of separation – Ars Technica "Starting with a database of all known structural features in proteins, researchers have performed a network analysis based on their similarities. The surprising result is that almost every protein we know of is related to the rest by seven degrees of separation." Very interesting. […]