Video: DIYBio meetup 22nov09

We had a DIYbio Cambridge Boston Sommerville meetup this past weekend to get familiar with a nice new hackspace, The Sprouts, to come up with a project for the next few months, and to move and set up equipment in the current space.

The great folks at The Sprouts actually want a wet-space for DIYbiology. They gave us some space and they even had some equipment. We added to that the equipment Mac picked up from a failed biotech.

The whole moving, setting-up thing was quick. We had Kay, Mac, Manuel, Paul, Charles, Jason, and I there, so the "many hands" made the work lighter.

I was happy to see things happening, space being set up, projects being set. Of the things on my to-do list, a few have been now knocked off, allowing me to join existing set-ups.

I took some video of what we were up to.

One last thing: I am so pleased with The Sprouts. They only opened in August, but show great promise. I hope that our group can be part of their growth and give back as even more than they have already so generously given us.

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  1. Awesome video! Thanks so much for capturing and cutting together that awesome video, Charlie! Happy Thanksgiving.

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