links for 2010-06-29

Synthetic Bio, Meet FBIo – The Scientist – Magazine of the Life Sciences (tags: synthbio fbi safety security science biology terrorism errorism igem) The Better Brick: 2010 Next Generation Winner | Metropolis Magazine "In a lab at the American University of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, Ginger Krieg Dosier, an assistant architecture professor, sprouts […]

links for 2010-06-28

How to get a PhD in synthetic biology : Oscillator "The good PhD programs are the ones that let you explore and change your mind and let you work in any lab that will take you. The good labs are the ones that let you explore and define your own path, support you through thick […]

links for 2010-06-26

Nils Gilman : Deviant Globalization – The Long Now I particularly liked this seminar because it was about a trend that challenges old notions of Statism. The 20th Century was the rise of the State (and nationalism and so forth). But I see the early 21st Century, with the dissolution of the Cold War empires, […]

This is why we need to take back the Cloud

Services like Twitter and Facebook have centralized our communications, such that we depend on their skills to keep their part of the network up (let alone, safeguarding all the data they collect from us). But, unlike electricity companies and telcos, who have their pseudo-monopolies highly regulated, we are stuck _trusting_ that Twitter and Facebook won't […]

links for 2010-06-23

House approves ban on driving while texting; Sente vote expected Thursday – Local News Updates – MetroDesk – The Boston Globe The House voted 150-1 this afternoon to approve changes to state driving laws that ban texting while driving and allow doctors to alert the state that a patient might be a dangerous driver, among […]

DIYBio meet-up – Folk Microbiology

It was a night of culture – yoghurt cultures. Vaughn Tan shared his passion for yoghurt with about two dozen captivated future yoghurt makers. He spoke about the biochemistry and microbial ecology of the process – ways to optimize the proteins in the milk, effects of inoculation temperatures, the activities of the different bacterial populations […]

links for 2010-06-21

Tom Fishburne: this one time at Brand Camp: after the brainstorm "As we return to the realties of our day jobs at the end of a brainstorm, we run into road blocks, inertia, committees and other hazards that can water down ideas or shut them down entirely. That's what organizations do well." Can you say […]

Do we need a DIYbio academy?

Among my many ideas I have lying around is some form of institute to support the DIYbio community. This is different from the meet-ups happening in places like Somerville, San Francisco, Houston, and New York. And this is a bit more than what is providing (sharing of ideas within the community). This idea adds […]

links for 2010-06-18

Ancient Beers – The Long Now Blog "Scientific American gives us this story on three ancient reconstituted recipes by Dogfish Head." (tags: food beer brewing ancient longnow) News Blog: 9,000-year-old brew hitting the shelves this summer (tags: ancient awesome beer biotech brewing drinks food history science) 45 Million Year Old Beer – The Long Now […]

links for 2010-06-11

ArkFab Collective "The ArkFab Collective is an inter-disciplinary worker cooperative that uses biology to make healthy cities and useful technologies. Our participatory laboratories conduct open source research and development for commons-based sustainable development while our hybrid business incubator and nonprofit endowment work with local communities to better leverage the innovative, entrepreneurial, and adaptive power of […]