The chocolate and peanut butter method of ideation

logoJust a thought.

Sometimes for me to generate new ideas I randomly grab different topics (the more different the better) that interest me and explore what they means together. Just like chocolate and peanut butter might not have been obvious (or peanut butter and bananas, or bananas and Nutella), they turn out to be my favorite candy. Hence my choice of method name.

For example, in the area of health and healthcare what might these things result in?

  • microbes and storytelling
  • microbes and mobile
  • mobile and storytelling

I could go on, of course.

I think I do this because I have such varied interests and want to give all my pet ideas a day in the sun or time to play together.

Do you have a technique like this? I think we all do this, just that we have different names for it, if at all.

BTW, what do you think results in the above examples?

Image nabbed from Hershey’s