Is OpenTrons the Makerbot of biotech? In some ways.

When I was a molecular biologist, folks used to ask me what I did. I used to say, “Squirt things into tubes and wait.” OpenTrons takes that drudgery out of liquid handling for the usual molecular biology techniques (and would have saved me the last 20+years of tennis elbow). HAXLR8R, a hardware accelerator program, got, rightfully, excited with […]

Changes in Aetna’s online offerings: what the impact?

I find Aetna to be a leader in using online tools to increase member engagement in their health (with the interest to lower costs, of course). One interesting online service they had was CarePass, which, as I recall, was adding features and, I thought, was growing to be central to all of Aetna’s online offerings. I used […]

Posting mobile photos like it’s 2005

I haven’t looked at my Lifeblog archive in a long time. Without the software, it’s just a deep tree of folders holding all sorts of media over many years. For some reason, last night, I took a peek, flipping through old photos and text messages from another time. Sigh, that Nokia is no more. But […]

Google Maps as traffic cop in the sky?

I am a very heavy user of Google Maps, even when I know where I’m going. It’s a pretty good* predictor of current travel time and traffic patterns. A few times lately, I’ve also had to use it to circumvent traffic snarls (one time enjoying rural New Jersey near Pennsylvania). Then, one day, during a […]

At HealthFOO this weekend

I’m so excited to be at HealthFOO this weekend (it had been postponed from April). And I am extremely humbled by the folks who will be there. Of course, I’ll be there with an open mind to hoover all I can and collide it all in my wee head to see what interesting things come […]

Loving the Moves App

For the last few months, I have a wee app on my phone that works in the background to track my activity. Called “Moves,” it presents a pretty and easy to use interface to annotate (somewhat) and review what I’ve done and where. The simplicity is wonderful, so it’s been hard for me to work […]

Why can’t health be a sufficient incentive?

There have been a slew of consumer healthcare devices that have come to market ranging from fancy pedometers and activity meters to apps that track your every move to a toothbrush. Yes, an intelligent, app-connected, electronic toothbrush. I am all for tracking behaviors. Quantifying behaviors can be used to detect depression or Alzheimer’s  or even […]

Think mobile when designing a mobile app

One of my favorite radio stations in the Boston area, Phoenix WFNX 101.7, died an inglorious death last year. But, like the phoenix, it rose from its ashes as a live streaming radio station, supported by (my home page for 10+ years). Now called RBdC (Radio it has multiple ways to access the […]