Hey Bruins, it’s concentração time

Every Bruins fan knows that this year our favorite team has been struggling at home. On the road, Bruins are 23-7-3, which, by this table, ranks them as the second best on-the-road record in the league. At home, it’s a vastly different story. With a record of 15-16-5, Boston is in the bottom quartile, sitting at […]

Thoughts on “The age of indie fitness apps is over”

I officially left the mobile world back in ’09. But, of course, since then, we’ve seen the meteoric rise of the iPhone, folks getting the idea of mobile apps, and a wave of small companies realizing the value of merging GPS, mobile, and tracking – I didn’t get too far. As a not-so-clueless observer (here’s an article I wrote […]

I think it’s dead, Jim: When large companies kill small ones

I can think of many reasons a large company might buy a smaller one, only to kill them. For example: Perhaps it was a smaller competitor causing the larger company a headache Perhaps the smaller had created something that the larger was struggling to build but was failing and needed more time Perhaps the larger […]

Ebola exposes chinks in our techno-optimistic armor

If you’re a bio-nerd like me, you’ve known about Ebola for a very long time. You knew it was trouble from the get-go and wondered how it would unfold should it get widespread. Well, now we know. But as things have unfolded, I see three things that I feel expose our techno-optimism for what it is: […]

Cow, goat, sheep, alpaca, camel, or buffalo? Which milk do you like?

I thoroughly enjoy making yogurt. But, of course, most yogurt is made of cow’s milk. I was able to find some goat and sheep milk yogurts in my local store. They were good. Interestingly, the sheep milk yogurt had the stronger flavour, which made it better to cook with than to have cereal or fruits with. […]

Changes in Aetna’s online offerings: what the impact?

I find Aetna to be a leader in using online tools to increase member engagement in their health (with the interest to lower costs, of course). One interesting online service they had was CarePass, which, as I recall, was adding features and, I thought, was growing to be central to all of Aetna’s online offerings. I used […]

Siri and my car: When a new tech highlights limitation of old tech

I’ve had a iPhone for a few years now and am definitely a heavy Siri user. I’ve learned her way, how to speak with her, and get her to do the things I need her to do (for the most part – I still can’t seem to get her to schedule anything in my calendar). […]

Breaking free of activity monitors: affective wearables, digital pheromones, and emotional mapping

Christine Lemke posted a collection of links to wrist gadgets, which triggered a conversation between us on Twitter. The list had your usual (yawn) suspects, such as FitBit, Jawbone, Basis, and Misfit. It also had the sports players such as Adidas, Reebok (also part of Adidas), Garmin, and Nike (all of these companies, I claim, have […]

The chocolate and peanut butter method of ideation

Just a thought. Sometimes for me to generate new ideas I randomly grab different topics (the more different the better) that interest me and explore what they means together. Just like chocolate and peanut butter might not have been obvious (or peanut butter and bananas, or bananas and Nutella), they turn out to be my […]

Smartwatches: data freshness, interactive surfaces, and how the old became new again.

If you are an older runner, like me, there’s a high chance that smartwatches are nothing new to you. In 2005, when I was at Nokia Ventures Organization, there was a team looking into mobile connected devices in sports.[1] At one point they even hired the ex-CEO of Suunto (great guy, great stories[2]). For those […]