New Old Publishing and “The New Value of Text”

“Finally, the text still requires context. As publishers spin up their digital and print-on-demand backlists, more and more is published with less and less context. These efforts amount to land-grabs and rights-squatting, without adding value. Works without TOCs, indexes, author bios, footnotes. Placing work in context is one of publishers’ primary tasks, stretching out to […]

Open access comes of age : Nature News

“A study of open-access publishing — published last week in the open-access journal PLoS ONE — has found that the number of papers in freely accessible journals is growing at a steady 20% per year (M. Laakso et al. PLoS ONE 6, e20961; 2011). To many, the growth confirms the health of the free-access, author-pays […]

Three Biomedical Funders to Launch Open Access Journal – ScienceInsider

“Three heavyweight, nongovernmental funders of science announced today that they are launching a free online biology journal aimed at publishing the very best papers within a few weeks of submission. But few confirmed details are available about the journal, which doesn’t yet have a name, editor, publisher, or business model.” These are big organizations, backing […]

When big data meets journalism — Tech News and Analysis

“The Knight Foundation noted in a blog post announcing the 16 winners that data and the use of it for journalism was a big theme among this year’s contestants. When the Knight competition first started five years ago, the idea of a “hacker/journalist” who developed applications and journalistic tools around data was unfamiliar one, but […]

Mendeley API in R – Carl Boettiger

“R is a widely used statistical software environment, and this should facilitate real-time statistical analysis of the rich amount of publication data available in Mendeley” When I think of find-navigate-recombine-publish in science, this is the kind of thing I’m looking for. Now that I’m at a Big Data firm, everything looks like a nail. 🙂 […]

Talk: The Future of Science Publishing

I think about the fusion of mobile and Web all the time. And I’ve been talking about and thinking about designing services and software for years. But I also was an academic researcher for about 10 years, with 18 co-authored papers. All this converged about a year and half ago when I met Matt Cockerill […]