When negligible adds up to astronomical

You can’t avoid it – waste. No matter how thoroughly you scrape your plate, food will be left on it. Same with your glass, silverware, pots and pans, packaging, cutting board, or sink – food will be left on it. Now just stop and do the math: when you add up all that food that […]

Itty bitty

I’ve added another link in this sending chain – type on PC keyboard over BT to phone (with phone UI on PC screen) into email client on phone (pic captured on phone) sending over GPRS and so on until here… Gotta be a geek to like that.

Weird balance

How can people live so far north where the winter temperatures are way below the freezing point of beer and the winter sun rarely shows it face (too cold, of course)? Or how can anything grow properly when the summer is so short? If you think about it, there’s some sort of strange balance to […]

And so it starts

Here is a test of a connection between software, a phone, a mobile network, servers, the Internet, and Typepad.