Selections of my online writing

A diligent artist or writer will keep a record of their work, creating a portfolio they can show others.

I have lever been good at that. I have, somewhere in my basement, piles of the articles I wrote for print publications. What I didn’t do is keep a record of all the things I wrote online for BioMedNet’s HMS Beagle, HelloDirect, ThinkMobile, Nokia, Children’s Boston, hoping that there was some permanence to bits. Alas, all those sites are gone.

I only ever give this problem much thought when I am asked for writing samples. So in the past few weeks, I did a bit of digging for what I could find. What stinks is that most of them do not have a byline, so I hope my writing style stands out enough to convince folks I’m not just pulling a fast one on them.

In any case, below, is a list of writing I’d like to be part of my portfolio of writing samples. While I don’t have exact dates for most of them, they stretch back to 1999 when I started at Hello Direct (I could not access my software reviews on HMS Beagle, the BioMedNet magazine).

Molecularist (this one), my personal site, going back to 2004
Here’s some writing I have done in 2016-2017 on AI

And here is a set of posts on a brainwave I had on Signal and Noise in 2007

IBM – 2011-2014
Some posts I did on the Big Data blog. About healthcare, predictive analytics, and big data, of course

Children’s Boston – 2009-2011 (courtesy of the WayBackMachine)
Celebrating a special birthday – One of the hardest articles I’ve ever had to write
Trying to find the right words – Follow-on article on the above post

A series of articles on a patient. Actually ties to the two articles above. She was the recipient.
Avery, Part 1 of 3: Touching everyone’s heart
Avery, Part 2 of 3: Repairing a broken heart
Avery, Part 3 of 3: Miles for Miracles and more

Help kids and create a new future
Why Fred won’t be at the Radiothon

Nokia Conversations, where I was founding Editor-in-Chief from 2008-2009 (blog subsumed into Microsoft Device Blog in 2015)
One man’s trash is another man’s problem – A tough article for me to write. A very sensitive topic, required lots of discussion with legal counsel and related corporate folks. At the time, one of our strongest articles written for the blog, showing its power as a vehicle for Nokia communications. No fluff here.
Concern for the environment – it’s in everything Nokia does
We have no taste for unethical sources of crucial minerals
– Follow on post on the response to above two posts.

I also had series of link roundup articles to spark discussion.
On jumping the gap
It’s inevitable, tomorrow gadgets will be better
Thoughts on the ever-changing science and practice of making things
Telltale contrails. Discuss.
Still beating the SMS drum
Oral culture, the weight of history, and letting go of your data

Hello Direct 1999-2001 (courtesy of the WayBackMachine)
Blazing the trail in mobile and wireless, using a proto-blog (it was a blog before we called such things blogs).
Tutorial: The Important Issues When Choosing a Mobile Phone Service Provider
Wireless Web and Beyond
Commentary: Wireless Safety
Conversation with Wireless Forefather Dr. Kaveh Pahlavan
Commentary: Wireless Wandering—Leave Your Laptop Behind
Tutorial: How to Join the Wireless Data Crowd

updated last 17 February 2017