My job…

To rise above the noise, to stand out with something of value and use, and to drive sales (why does it always come to money?). This is what a crowed market looks like – so how do folks make money here?

What’s with the shoes?

Every time I go through a US airport I am reminded how much farther the government has to go to return to reality. Ok, so there are no more armed soldiers at the x-ray machines (as if even that was reassuring). But that they are still making people take off their shoes is stupid (it […]

Food glorious food

It seems like everyone is eating all the time here in Hong Kong and the streets teem with eateries and the smell of food.


I was in West Hartford this past Thanksgiving and they had a big display of painted cows all over town – some were done by local yokels and some by local artists. It was really fun. Well, look what I found in Hong Kong. At least you can’t say all those cows were Made in […]