Indoor skiing, near Düsseldorf

On the lift, looking over the ‘slope’. It was fun, but then got boring. I think skiing is not just about an incline and sliding, but also snow, nature, fresh air, expansive views, multiple trails, and trees.

Karelian farm house on Seurasaari

Seurasaari is an outdoor museum of Finnish folklore. It has cool old huts and houses and farms and such. This photo is of a farm house. It was really big. What was neat was seeing some of the detail around the windows and porch. It might look rustic but it was home for a family […]

Old and New

My friend had this cool ancient record player with her CDs on top. Had to play with the juxtaposition, so I put a CD on the turntable. 🙂 What also was cool was that there were two cups embedded into the area by the turn table – one for new needles and one for used […]

Cheep cheep

Happy Easter! Hyvää Pääsiäistä!

Restrained movement

Boats waiting for the ice to thaw. In Ingå Harbour, Finland

Nostalgia for High School

A note from a co-worker, who coincidentally went to high school with me, freaked me out sort of today. Here’s what I (sort of) replied: This note threw me into such a flashback. A search here and a search there landed me in a large collection of photos that made my head spin. For some […]


A great sandwich and awesome fries at the diner called Diner in Williamsburg Brooklyn. We were meeting some artists who lived near by and who were doing some work for us. Great find. This was when I was in NYC mid-March.


Isn’t it sad that such an enlightened physical discipline has been reduced to an impulse buy beside a cash register at a book store? This is from my recent trip to NYC. It’s at the Barnes and Noble on 5th Ave (across an eerily empty Scribner’s). This was when I was in NYC mid-March.

Sunday night, Helsinki

Coming back from a cafe across from Senator Square in Helsinki. I just watched the Vagina Monologues. My New Englander wife was sort of apologetic prior to the show. But it was kind of tame. I think she’s the one with the hang-ups.