What’s unique in Lifeblog

Here’s something I wrote for tips in the Lifeblog 1.0 help files. Five things you can do with Lifeblog that you can’t do with any other application: Save your phone photos, messages, and videos on your PC. Sure, you could move images and videos manually to your PC and organise them into a multitude of […]

All About Symbian Reviews Lifeblog

Rafe from All About Symbian, a great Symbian site, has a great review of Lifeblog. Alas, it is the Beta, but Lifeblog 1.0, now on sale, is not much different and his observations are still valid. Thanks for the review, the feedback, and the great insight into the product and concept. Feature: Looking at Lifeblog […]

Trip to Fiskars

Fiskars is an old iron works village in southwestern Finland. Our team went there for a meeting and in teh evening we did some pottery and iron work. Kinda fun.

What the heck is a Multimedia Diary?

We call Lifeblog an Automatic Multimedia Diary. What do we mean by that? Automatic = there’s not much for you to do Multimedia = pictures, text, video Diary = a daily record In short, we mean that there’s not much for you to do to get the best out of it; just go about your […]