Watch you bum

Sun 31.10.2004 Walking around Monte Carlo with two colleagues. We’re attending the Nokia Mobility Conference and will be showing some cool new stuff with Lifeblog (geez, I wonder what that could be?). The show starts Tuesday, but my mind will be in the US and my heart with Kerry. Patriots are undefeated and the Sox […]

First impressions: The Future of Memories

I’m halfway through a really cool book on photography called Sharing Digital Photos, the future of memories, by Dane M. Howard. Dane, a designer at Microsoft, has written a great book that covers many aspects of digital and traditional photography – teaching about how to manage digital photos, tips on how to get the best […]

Nokia Lifeblog is traveling to Monaco

We will be at the Nokia Mobility Conference 2004 (NMC) next week 3-4 November. We’ll be showing Nokia Lifeblog and then some, so keep a look out for interesting things. If you happen to be there, look us up at the Lifeblog booth. Ask for Charlie, if you want to meet up with me. Or […]

Parisian breakfast

It’s about the bread! Yum!