Charlie is coming to San Francisco!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am going to be in San Francisco on December 8th and 9th. I had wanted to make it to Manic Monday, I mean Mobile Monday, but my schedule was already set. But, ever the clever guy, Russ suggested I just let everyone know that I will be […]

Looking for tips and tricks?

I’ve been looking at my logs and I see that many people are searching for tips and tricks for Nokia phones. I really don’t have any here, except on how I moved all my messages from my Nokia 6600 to my Nokia 7610 and subsequently brought them into my Lifeblog (click here to read it […]

Nokia Lifeblog as part of a travel gadget article

Just found an article from a few weeks ago that mentions Lifeblog. It’s an article on recommended travel gadgets and it recommends the Nokia 7610 as a medium priced camera phone. Of course, any mention of the 7610 leads to a mention of Lifeblog: …plus there’s a neat “Lifeblog” that lets users store all their […]

Quiet road

This is the road I live on. It’s around 18.00 on a Wed night. The soft snow seems to muffle the sounds even more and the white makes the whole area seem calm. How different from bare asphalt and concrete. It’s so beautiful here.

Anina : Top model et geek

PDA France visited Anina’s exhibition and had quite a bit to say. Here’s the link, if you can read French. Link: Anina : Top model et geek. One of the funnier lines is this: Je ne pouvais pas me faire avoir par la belle opération marketing d’un constructeur téléphone, aussi créatif qu’il soit. As I […]

Espresso of finality

A post by JY, reminded me that I like taking photos of the espressos I drink. Or at least I thought I took many photos of espressos. I think I don’t because the espresso is a nice ending to a lucious meal, or a device to force us to stop-savour-enjoy Life. Pulling out my phone to Lifeblog it sometimes doesn’t fit.

Here are some photos of memorable end-of-meal delights.

Lifeblog as a term?

It’s a dangerous proposition for a product name to turn into a verb or generic noun. For example, some people still say ‘xerox’ instead of photocopy. And, if you’ve ever read some of those writer’s magazines (I admit, I have), you’d have sees companies like Kimberly-Clarke begging for folks not to turn Kleenex into a […]

Black and white

Sun 21.11.2004 16.20 Sun 21.11.2004 16.21 Light, dusk, snow, trees