Using a Nokia Digital Pen with Lifeblog

I use the Nokia Digital Pen to doodle, take notes, and sometimes make something to post. One problem is that the pen saves images in “.gif” format and not the “.jpg” that Lifeblog is looking for. So, I trawled the net for an app that would help out. Would you believe that there are no […]

Digital memories: we can forget them for you wholesale! | The Register

Andrew Orlowski from The Register had a chat with our Fealess Leader, Christian Lindholm, about the memory banking business and the future of memories. Link: Digital memories: we can forget them for you wholesale! | The Register. But one of the more awkward questions is what happens to "Our Stuff", once we trust it to […]

The Brightest Blast, noticed by a very small creature

Link: Sky and Telescope – The Brightest Blast. The "superflare," from a magnetar named SGR 1806–20, irradiated Earth with more total energy than a powerful solar flare. Yet this object is an estimated 50,000 light-years away in Sagittarius, on the far side of the Milky Way galaxy behind dense interstellar clouds. "This is mind-boggling when […]

One example on how to adapt a blog server to work with Lifeblog

Robert Price went ahead and documented how he got his homegrown blog server software to work with Lifeblog. Not only does he say he did it, but shows how. All he did was download the specs from here, fired up his 7610, and did his magic. Check out some of his posts. I like his […]

Didn’t see any sad, abandoned bear

20.01.2005 Paddington Station, on the way to Heathrow 20.01.2005 Paddington Station, on the way to Heathrow Some old pictures I had on my phone

Skiing at Luukki, Espoo

On a forest trail Beautiful, no? Skiing across a lake Off she goes Now for sauna and sausages with friends

Cross-country skiing in Lahti

The famous ski jumps The trails we took A view over the frozen lake Vesijärvi A peek into the all-wooden Sibelius Hall. It’s supposed to have amazing acoustics. We spent Monday skiing with friends.