Anina does it again! ps-models go mobile

Anina is a bundle of energy (see her list of things here) and really wants to spread the love of mobile to the whole fashion industry. I’ve been fortunate to be pulled into this whirlwind of activity, mostly by providing what little support I can (a few phones mostly, so far). The main thing for […]

Le blog de iFeedYou – Lifeblog – Introduction

Nice review in French from Jerome. Link: Le blog de iFeedYou – Lifeblog – Introduction. Lifeblog est un outil simple pour transferer et sauvegarder le contenu (photos, videos, MMS, SMS,..) de son telephone sur son ordinateur. Si vous appreciez de pouvoir synchroniser votre agenda et vos contacts sous Outlook (ou autre logiciel) avec votre PDA […]

According to TANKERx :: Multimedia That Matters

TANKERx gets it. Link: According to TANKERx :: Multimedia That Matters. Yet, today I see that true multimedia, multimedia that matters, is far more than being able to reorganise your playlist, watch the latest episode of ‘Geek Town’ and listen to some weird Pole gurgling into a podcast. It really comes into its own when […]

frankie roberto blog – Early Thoughts on Nokia Lifeblog

Frankie gets it. Do you? Link: frankie roberto blog – Early Thoughts on Nokia Lifeblog. This whole idea is right up my street. I’ve taken literally thousands of photos on my old nokia 7250i, and had to copy them to the computer manually, storing them in a folder on my hard disk which is tricky […]

Easter treat

Mämmi, cream, and sugar Mämmi is a traditional Finnish rye malt dessert that is eaten during Easter. It’s an acquired taste. But, it’s not one of those desserts you eat a bunch of. A small dollop suffices. This one was pretty tasty, though. The brand was Kympi (a way to say ‘ten’). It came frozen […]

More adventures in common sense … with a happy ending

  By modern aviation security rules, these items are considered a threat. Indeed, I can see how an individual or group armed with these items can over power the crew and passengers of an airplane. Right. Of course, according to the laws of most civilized countries, these are considered absolutely harmless for people of most […]