Thanks for the support Rob Bevan!

Link: (robbish). Best of all though is Lifeblog, Nokia’s diary/media manager, the perfect accessory to your Flickr account (see here for details). Found him via his comment here on a previous post of mine.

How can I use Nokia Lifeblog with LiveJournal

Here it is. Link: FAQ Question #224. How can I use Nokia Lifeblog to update my journal? LiveJournal supports Nokia Lifeblog, which permits you to update your journal via your mobile phone or through a desktop client. Information on Lifeblog can be found at Lifeblog uses the ATOM protocol. To set up Lifeblog, you […]

Punkin’ resting after a hard night’s sleep

Ah, the life of carnivores

Kultainen Kuukkeli – Finnish Blog Awards

Hard to take photos. They have this simple system (red tags worn) identify who doesn’t want their photos published (there was an issue with it last year). Only thing is that every shot has one! Bad shot of the yellow chick. Individually made hilarious statues for the awards. Invited by Janne Jalkanen.

PS Models Proudly Presents the PS Model Blog

Thanks to Anina. Link: PS Models Proudly Presents the PS Model Blog. This collaboration has allowed ps models to develop the ps model blog, updating its website via the Nokia 7610 mobile phone using Lifeblog technology. This means you can watch the growth and development of ps models via the Lifeblog link on the ps […]


A guy who just got a 6630. He lists all the he likes and dislike about it. He likes us, but we only came 9th out of 12. But, I’m happy nonetheless. I hope he has a great time with the new phone and the Lifeblog becomes a central part of his life (how sappy […]