Memorial Day Weekend

Sat 28.05.2005 12.00 Image(133) Beautiful

Interesting parking mechanism

Thu 26.05.2005 12.25 Image(118) In the worst garage in the world, under the Prudential in Boston. I think it was an essential tool.

At St Pat’s in NYC

St Jude – Helper of Desperate Causes St Anthony I always try to stop by St Pat’s when I’m in NYC. Catholicism runs strong thorugh many different threads in my life. And when I’m in a Catholic church, I look for St Anthony (my middle name and apparently patron saint). Well, it wasn’t too heartening […]

A blog-driven trip in NYC

A light-hearted romp through the Big Apple, armed with a Blackberry and a 6682 and a faith in the collective wisdom in blogs. Great read. Incidentally, I am in New York today, meeting with some folks and recharging my batteries (I was born in Da Queens). Link: Guardian Unlimited Travel | Cities | Block by […]

A view from Sand Hill Road, Palo Alto

Ah, California