moblogher – Moblogging 2.0

The BlogHer conference is today. Wish I were there. Debi Jones and gang are doing what’s promising to be an amazing segment on moblogging. I know also that Ms. Jen is going to be there, too. Mobile blogging will never be the same again. Link: moblogher. Moblogging 2.0 is mobile centric and providing multi-directional posting […]

When evil meets good – The Boston Globe

Something to think about. Link: When evil meets good – The Boston Globe – – Mass. – News. Good and evil collided this week on a blazing hot morning on the side of a well-traveled road in the outskirts of the bucolic town of Duxbury. And this wasn’t a collision in the merely metaphorical […]

Apple – Jobs

i’m already a bit besotted with Apple. The marketing pitch for working at Apple is not just theirs, but it’s my guiding principle. Dang, I could never be a simple employee. I’ve never done much the way it’s ‘supposed’ to be done. 😉 Link: Apple – Jobs. There’s the typical job. Punch in, push paper, […]

1995 vs 2005, are we thinking different?

Another view of Web 2.0, comparing it to web 1.0. Let’s party like it’s 1999. Link: Om Malik’s Broadband Blog – 1995 vs 2005, are we thinking different?.    1995 vs 2005, are we thinking different? Via Rodrigo.

Messing with Semacode?

Link: [] – Blog Archive – semacode 1.5 released. There’s a new version of semacode available, which includes the full source code for the Symbian SDK. Now I guess we need Python bindings 😉 I wonder if semacode could be used to facilitate Bluetooth pairing. One solution would be to have a semacode sticker on […]