Bessemer Venture Partners – Anti-Portfolio

A must read. A great list of immensely successful companies that Bessemer passed up on for ‘obvious’ reasons. Link: Bessemer Venture Partners – Our Portfolio.   Bessemer Venture Partners is perhaps the nation’s oldest venture capital firm, carrying on an unbroken practice of venture capital investing that stretches back to 1911. This long and storied […]

The Supernova Mobile Apps Panel – Wasn’t

I missed this from Debi earlier in the month. I totally agree with what she says. Actually, she and I have had some great discussions around this topic of mobile myopia among the Internet leaders. Yes, Debi, there is a need for mobile-savvy folks to start permeating all these Internet companies. In any case, it’s […]

Where are all the open source marketers?

Laura Ramsey brings up a very interesting point regarding marketing of Open Source products (projects, things, stuff). The funny thing for me while reading (and re-reading) the post is that I kept thinking, not of ‘Open Source’ marketing, as in the marketing of Open Source products, but as on Open Source Marketing’, as in marketing […]

Creating Passionate Users: You ARE a marketer. Deal with it.

Neo-marketing, indeed. Kathy Sierra’s post and ensuing discussion point out a lot of issues I have been grappling with in the past 5 years since I was anointed Marketing Manager. You see, prior to that, I was a writer and just before that a molecular biologist. Yes, quite odd. Nonetheless, I have been able to […]

Spam is killing mobile email

I changed my personal email address a while back to reset the spam counter to zero. I don’t use my personal email address much and I managed to last a while, protecting my address from spam for about a year. Slowly the spam started appearing. It’s really not much – a few a day – […]

Can reading analyst reports help you innovate?

One of the perks of working with a huge company is that there is no shortage of analyst reports and presentations you can peruse. I was going through a whole bunch of reports today and read closely two of them. One was a presentation that was typical of analysts – fancy forecasts in a market […]

Wanna build a mobile app? Read this.

Do you have what it takes to build a mobile app? Yes or no, you should read what these guys have to say. Link: InterCasting Corp: Inferior Bathroom Technology and UI In The Mobile Space. Rabble has been in development for a year. Sounds like a long time for a blogging and social networking app, […]

More on thought and jargon | 8/25/2005 | mobile jones

Spot on. This is what you get when someone understands the mobile lifestyle. you need to live it to understand what it means and how to build for it. Debi gets it. Do you? Link: More on thought and jargon | 8/25/2005 | mobile jones. New language to shape new thought     * Publish […]

gapingvoid: we want to be part of something

Without a marketing background, I understood this instinctively. Link: gapingvoid: we want to be part of something. Like I said, it’s all about Outreach. It’s about wanting to be part of something interesting, something larger than the actual product. If I had had more time with Lifeblog, I just might have been able to have […]

Google, the ultimate deflator

Some more commentary on the Google WebOS. Link: Om Malik’s Broadband Blog � Google, the ultimate deflator. It’s not too difficult for me to imagine a day, very soon, when I rely on Google for almost all my computing needs and I buy hardware devices based on such criteria. That’s the day Google will have […]