Darla Mack on: Calling All Women Mobilists!!!

Debi and I have occasionally exchanged comments on how few women there are in the mobile industry (I counted barely a handful at the last Bay Area MoMo). There are a few Women Mobilists I know and admire, such as Darla and Anina. I don’t know Emily, but her site is an amazing resource for […]

MoMo Finland

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Thanksgiving Carnival of the Mobilists

Link: Smart Mobs: Thanksgiving Carnival of the Mobilists. Welcome to this week’s Thanksgiving edition of Carnival of the Mobilists. If you’re new to the Carnival, the idea is to collect the best writing about mobile in one place at a different website every week. This week, it’s Smart Mobs’ turn and I’m doing the editing […]

Work as grade school?

I’ve probably mentioned ad nauseum that Google is run like a big research lab? I myself am a product of academic research labs (MIT, UMass Amherst, Harvard Medical School) and I have brought that way of working and thinking with me everywhere. Sippey’s latest (see link below) is a great take on how we can […]

The Web 2.0 WorkGroup Now Has 20 Blogs

Who knew? Well, now we all do. But, from the list, I, of course, did not see a person focusing on mobility. I’m not surprised. Mobile might not need a special focus, but it sure should be part of the discussion. Link: TechCrunch � Web 2.0 WorkGroup Now Has 20 Blogs. Richard MacManus, Fred Oliveira […]

Jeff Clavier on: HBS Tech Panel: Valley of Destiny or Valley of Doom ?

Jeff has a summary of the panel at the TechCrunch party last week. It highlights some things others have said and why I wrote up my earlier post about finding cool companies outside of Silicon Valley. Link: Software Only: HBS Tech Panel: Valley of Destiny or Valley of Doom ? Dave asked whether Silicon Valley […]

Books to fill your head with smartphone info

When I was marketing Series 60 (now called s60), I had always wanted to write a general book on how to get the most out of an s60 smartphone. Well, two books were written (not by me), and I was fortunate to be given some copies for myself (thanks Brian, Michael, and Ari). Here’s my […]

Girlie loot

Girlie loot Originally uploaded by schickr. From a recent party Not mine, of course. My daughter’s.

Help me find US mobile companies outside of Silicon Valley

I was recently in Silicon Valley and was once again reminded of the self-reflective nature of the place – they fund folks in the Valley to run services in the Valley for people in the Valley to flourish or crumble in the Valley – with little regard for those outside the Valley. Oh, yes, there […]

MobHappy on: The Mobile is the PC of the Developing World

Chris lodged into my head the thought introducing the Internet to the developing world via the mobile phone. I’ve been preaching simple SMS- and browser-based services for the mass market, but then Chris pointed out emerging markets, where the next billion phone users are coming from*. After that, when I was in San Francisco, talking […]