Is my dog acting like a cat?

Or is she just trying to dry off after running around outside in the wet snow? 🙂

Digital-Lifestyles asks: T-Mobile Web’n’Walk – Is Google Behind It?

I’ve been looking at operator portals and ‘off-portals’ lately. T-Mobile’s Web’n’Walk services is basically a nice portal for more advanced phones. Many writers have been pointing out that this is part of a trend where the walls in the gardens are falling. In the course of my reading, I saw this and had to respond. […]

Russell Beattie on: Nokia 770: Okay, Silicon Valley Time To Get To Work

Great stuff, Russ. And I wonder if this little tid-bit ever occurred to Nokia. Really, Nokia can do so much with this device and any follow-on they might make. Yet, sigh, I am not so confident. And, yes, others can probably step in and fill in the (big) holes, but even that might get messed […]

Article: Silicon Valley goes mobile / Up to 100 startups get into the game with wireless applications for cell phones

Eh, bien, oui, oui, na, j’adore les pommes de terre au lard. (an obscure line from an Ionesco play) Link: Silicon Valley goes mobile / Up to 100 startups get into the game with wireless applications for cell phones. [quote 1] For Sievers, establishing the startup in the Bay Area was a must. "It’s less […]

Blues – Kärpät

Blues – Kärpät Originally uploaded by schickr. End of 1st period – 1×1. Kärpät is in 1st place and won the last few championships. Blues – well, they are doing significantly better this year.I’m here with my friend Ari and his daughter Ariella (they are Kärpät fans). I brought my son Samuel and daughter Sabrina […]

Great article on mobile and developing nations

A great series of articles from the International Development Magazine on tech and developing nations. For the last few months, I have been thinking a lot on how mobile phones could help developing nations. The article below was given to me by a friend, Pam, who works for a development agency. I also had a […]

One Billion Internet Users? Yawn.

Yes, I just have to make a mobile-oriented comment here. There are 2 billion GSM subscribers. The next billion will be added in the next few years. In a year or two the industry will start selling more than a billion phones a year. Oh, and most of these mobile billions won’t have a PC. […]

Avec Mobile: Review of mobile search engines

Search no more. From my pal at Avec Mobile. Link: Avec Mobile: Review of mobile search engines. When the urge hits us and we have to find a piece of information about life, universe and everything, we must get it right there and then. Maybe it is the name of the UN Secretary before Kofi […]

mojo on: Irony and Mobile Service Requirements

Wha? Must be my ‘US operators amuse me’ day. 😀 Link: Irony and Mobile Service Requirements | 12/25/2005 | mobile jones. In the process of ordering an N90 with T-mobile service, I ran into a big problem.  I made the switch to mobile only telephony in 2002.  T-mobile won’t process my order for new service […]

Read/WriteWeb: Intersection of Mobile and Web 2.0

Richard McManus (link below) has continued an earlier discussion on his blog as well. Some good links in the discussion. Really, despite my original comment (that there should be a mobile-focused contributor), we shouldn’t separate mobile from the rest of the Web. I would very much prefer that mobile was part of the whole conversation, […]