David Harper: Upcoming.org Understands The Value Of “Mobile-Friendly”

Oh my, David. The vision is slowly coming to be. What great news. This is so what we all  have in mind. I hope other sites soon come knocking at your door. Link: Different Things � Blog Archive � Upcoming.org Understands The Value Of “Mobile-Friendly”. Thanks to Andy and Gordon over at Upcoming, WINKsite is […]

Set Your Watch: Life on Earth to Scale

Link: Set Your Watch. The Loom: A blog about life, past and future. This image came out a couple months ago in Nature, but I just came across it today. I quite like the way it sums up the history of life–something that’s maddening hard to do, since the time scales are so vast. It […]

Digital COnvergence Initiative at SXSW

Link: Untitled. C3 Mobile Content Festival with showings of the submitted materials and awards for the categories of Mobile Games, Films, and Applications. (Note: the Mobile Content Festival is a project of the Digital Convergence Initiative and is not affiliated in any way with SXSW Interactive.)

Mobhappy on: Palm OS Is Dead, Long Live Linux Palm at MobHappy

I think this officially signals the demise of everything Palm was. I’ve been watching them shoot themselves in the foot over the past few years. It’s been sad to see such a leader basically undo themselves, among many things: buying Handspring and killing it, spinning off the OS group, botching their whole brand recognition. And […]

SNAPin – Winner of the Buckley 3GSM Award at MobHappy

Very clever customer service app. Link: SNAPin – Winner of the Buckley 3GSM Award at MobHappy. The star of the 3GSM show for me was a young, US-based start-up called SNAPin, which has developed a brilliant, bit of software that solves so much operator and user pain, it takes a little thought to get your […]

Jan Chipchase on: Removing, Supplementing Core Features

Link: Jan Chipchase – Future Perfect: Removing, Supplementing Core Features. Raku Raku 3G phone for sale in Japan – targeted at elderly users. Includes a slider where the owner can write phone book entries instead of using the elecronic address book. Taking core features such as the address book outside the phone can benefit non-literate […]

Helen on: Mobile Marketing company Sponge acquired by NeoMedia

Ka-ching! Another mobile marketing purchase by Neomedia. Link: Musings of a mobile marketer: Mobile Marketing company Sponge acquired by NeoMedia. NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. has acquired Sponge with an aggregate of �10m consideration, including �3.45 m in cash and the remainder in NeoMedia shares with a further �2.5m available under an earn-out based on targets being […]

I don’t know, Officer. She just went poof.

I don’t know, Officer. She just went poof. Originally uploaded by schickr. Sun 26.02.2006 10.42 Image (151)

Russell Beattie on: Helping the Mobile Mashup Discussion

Good overview of the fusion of mobile and Web services. Link: Russell Beattie Notebook – Helping the Mobile Mashup Discussion. MashupCamp is actually going to have a discussion about Mobility, which I’m extremely happy to see. Here’s the current description of the session from the Wiki: Consider the content and services that are being supported […]

Getting into the spirits

Getting into the spirits Originally uploaded by schickr. Wed 22.02.2006 22.24 Image (150)