Why has everyone written a book? A call for action.

The back storyI listen to a set of talks and interviews that feed the part of me that is not a mobile geek: The Long Now Seminars, Ira Flatow’s Science Friday, Larry Magid’s Larry’s World, and Moira Gunn’s Biotech Nation (all highly recommended). One thing I have noticed is that practically everyone who is invited […]

Have you ever noticed what your writing topics are?

What’s great about having your own website is that you end up after a while with a long list of things you have written about that in the end interest you somehow. Then, when you look back upon all that, you realize what kind of focus and perspective you have in your particular writing. Some […]

New fasion magazine – online and downloadable for mobile phones

Posing (l to r): Tuomas (photographer, extraordinaire), Toni (publisher, Brand magazine), Anina, and Reidar (marketing dude, Samsung) I got an unexpected call yesterday from Anina. She was swinging through Helsinki to promote a new off-shoot of her 360 Fashion fun. She hooked up with Toni and Tuomas, through he Finnish friend, Vesa. Toni and Tuomas […]

Resistance is futile. The Web will be mobile.

Check out these stats that Russ was chewing on (links below). The quote below has a blunt summary of the analysis. We all knew this. Now we can throw some analyst report around for those who don’t understand us. How will this shift how we build the Web in the future? Link: RussellBeattie.com – Juggernaut. […]

New phones from Nokia

Not that I am enamored with phone launches (you get kinda jaded after many years of changing phones every 6 months), but today Nokia launched 3 new Nseries phones. The funny thing, which is why I am mentioning it, is that I had no idea when or which phones would be launched. Darla and others […]

MoJo’s Media Slaves – Life in Permanent Beta.

MoJo just can’t sit still. She’s plunking herself down right where media and mobile mix. Now she announces here the Media Slaves podcast. Go listen! Link: Media Slaves – Life in Permanent Beta. | 4/20/2006 | mobile jones. We are very excited to announce that the Media Slaves Podcast series is up and running! What […]