More on GPS

Since last I mentioned GPS devices (link below), I’ve been playing with them non-stop. The Nav4All service is nice, though I can’t get the voices to work, but it does the trick in giving directions. I even can get the directions in landscape orientation when I put my N93 down and open the screen in […]

Cheers, Jorma

Big change for us here at Nokia tomorrow as Jorma Ollila takes off for new things and Olli-Pekka Kalasvuo takes his place at the helm. It’s a good time for the change, since we are not in the dumps nor lost with our heads in the clouds. This is ‘just’ a handing over of the […]

Scott Shaffer has touched a nerve with physical world hyperlinks

Scott was interviewed as part of an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal on barcodes and mobiles. Go read it on his site (link below). It has generated an amazing amount of heated discussion. Don’t forget to bookmark and forward the post as key to learning about what physical world hyperlinking and its impact […]

InfoWorld on: Companies flock to snap up .mobi names

Eh. Seems like a squatters rush to me. Even Infoworld has a tongue in cheek comment (see below). Are such top level domains relevant? I guess only time will tell. Link: Companies flock to snap up .mobi names | InfoWorld | News | 2006-05-24 | By Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service The newly created .mobi […]

MoMo Mike on: Device Adaptation Makes Sites Less Transparent

Is there a central site for mobile web designers? Maybe we someone should start a wiki and dump all the info there? Link: This is Mobility � Blog Archive � Device Adaptation Makes Sites Less Transparent. Making a good mobile website currently really demands a technique like this be used. The more this stuff stays […]