Nokia acquires gate5 to add robust mapping and navigation to its devices

Cool. It was a discussion on location services that made me finally realize that things are different when you are talking about Multimedia Computer and not entry-level phones. I always poo-poohed location apps since they really only shine on higher-end phone where you have more connectivity and information. Well, now that high-end is my life, […]

Infoworld reports: China hits 432 million mobile phone users

Woah! Thems a lot of apples. Chugging along to 3 BILLION users, when will it stop? Already almost everyone who can afford a phone has one. Soon everyone from seven to seventy will have one. What will the phone companies do then? Link: China hits 432 million mobile phone users | InfoWorld | News | […]

Tom Hume on: Off-hours mobile usage

Tom, below, makes an interesting observation that is complemented by another observation by Mark Curtis. Two points jump our to me:1) Do we have any flippin’ clue, in the end, what folks are doing with their mobile phones?2) The answer lies in building your product, releasing it into the wild, and doing some simple observation. […]

The burden of mind-set

Gotta say that yesterday I realized how much some lines of thought were ingrained in me. Today, some of my pet ideas, so well received by others, kinda fell flat in some discussions. Only later did I realize why. You might remember that I have been quite focused on services for simple voice and SMS […]

Rotary phone with a SIM

Funny retro phone. Link [via Peter B]: Spark Fun Electronics. Description: This is the ever popular Portable Rotary Phone, now in Red! Phone comes fully assembled and tested. All you have to do is open the phone, insert your SIM card, and turn the unit on! The unit will utilize your phone number and account […]

Under Constriction – changes, changes, and more changes

Oy vey. It’s been a heck of a time these last few weeks. It feels like I am going through some Cosmic Constriction that’s just squeezing, twisting, and stretching me. Ugh. Of course, my writing has suffered greatly. And this Constriction just tightened a few notches, so I need to drop all my little side […]

Kids’ hockey is well underway here in Finland.

Kids’ hockey is well underway here in Finland. Originally uploaded by schickr. 20:24 Tuesday, 22 August, 2006 Image339

Punkin’ – 15july90-21aug06

Punkin’ – 15july90-21aug06 Originally uploaded by schickr. A dear old friend had to be laid to rest. It was hard for us, but our selfishness would have only caused her more pain. She was much loved, and gave back even more. She endured our countless adventures and tought us much along the way. From dying […]

Sideloading should be made easier

I’ve been doing a bit of reading into audio streaming lately and someone mentioned a term that I had to look up just to make sure – Sideloading, or transferring files from server to server or from server or PC to mobile device or memory card (as opposed to uploading or downloading – device-server actions). […]

Gary Oldman short-short shot with Nokia N93

This little clip from Gary had a few film critics I know at work to snicker unkindly. Well, pooh-pooh on them. Link: Gary Oldman Premieres on the Nokia Nseries Studio – Softpedia* A new short film, by award-winning actor and film-maker Gary Oldman, shot on the new Nokia N93 multimedia computer has made its premier […]