Rainbow Originally uploaded by schickr. I just loved the colours of this bush in my back yard

Absolutely not interested in the tournament

Absolutely not interested in the tournament Originally uploaded by schickr.

Blowing away the competition in an incredibly mature market

My team colleague and, now, partner in crime, Udo Szabo, sent me a great quote (see below) that sent me looking for the full article on the Google blog, and written by the guy who brought Gmail to life. Basically, they entered a really mature market and redefined what Web email should be like. Yeah, […]

The mushrooms have landed

The mushrooms have landed Originally uploaded by schickr.

Hugo, a lost cat!

Hugo, a lost cat! Originally uploaded by schickr. Our beloved cat, Rodo, is lost

Tired words: Innovation

Yes, I am a cranky bastard. And my prerogative is to get tired of hearing certain words said over and over again. I’ve been keeping track for some time and have finally decided to make the list public. And, to be more transparent in my thinking, I have also tried to convey the ‘why’. I’ll […]

I found an interesting newsletter on emerging markets

From Nokia, no less. So, if you’re into emerging markets, go check it out. Indeed, Nokia is doing a lot in emerging markets. India, China, and Brasil are the old stand-bys. But, Africa is not forgotten. I’ve been talking to a bunch of folks internally, and there are some really cool things already happening. Yeah, […]

Plazes adding more variety

Plazes is a cool location service that cleverly is building a database of locations users go to, leveraging that info to make connections, and then some. They started with a PC app for sniffing MAC addresses of routers. Then they added a s60 app for smartphones to sniff cellIDs (I had a tiny role in […]


Skrap Originally uploaded by schickr. In a bin, near a bunch of forgotten municipal gear, way off the beaten track, at the edge of a forgotten forest.