What price Security?

How do we strike a balance between safety and police state? I think airports have slipped over that line of relevant and excessive. Can you tell I’m flying today? I really need to learn to deal with it all. But, growing up in an arbitrary police state does something to you.


Princess Originally uploaded by schickr.

Lookin’ for a date

Lookin’ for a date Originally uploaded by schickr. Biggest ones I’ve ever seen.

Robert Price on: Nokia Lifeblog Posting Protocol Update

Robert Price is a great guy who posted a while back on how to set up Movable Type to receive a post from Nokia Lifeblog. Indeed, he’s been keeping an eye on Lifeblog and just upgraded to an N93. There, he found some new inconsistencies in the Lifeblog posting protocol. If you use MT and […]

Flickr mobile tools are pretty good

Flickr’s page on mobile tools is pretty cool (link below). They have a bunch of ways folks can upload to Flickr. But, you knew that, so I want to point out some other interesting things about Flickr Mobile. It looks like they updated the Flickr Mobile site. Cool, if I could get to it. I […]

Looking for a challenge? Make print publishing profitable

Before joining Nokia, I was in the publishing industry. Well, that’s what it felt like, though online today we’d call it a blog. As for offline, I was an author and columnist. So, technically, I wasn’t a publisher in the traditional sense (or even non-traditional), though I was hankering to get into it, especially print. […]

Is flat-rate the answer?

UK operator 3 seems to be always testing new things and shaking things up. If I am not mistaken, they are a 3G-only operator. Last year they had an interesting video campaign, where folks could download other folks’ videos and the creator got a few cents. Of course, soft-porn got all the attention – a […]

Bumped into a friend and his dog today

Bumped into a friend and his dog today Originally uploaded by schickr. The dogs ran and ran. Now Jippo is pooped out.

David Harper’s talk at Under The Radar

Last night I was emailing with David and was about to ask him if he had any public info about WINKsite subscribers and such. Well, today I just saw the figures he gave out at his talk at Under the Radar. Lookin’ good, Dave. Link: David Harper’s Different Things � Blog Archive � Under The […]

Who be dat?

Who be dat? Originally uploaded by schickr. I was suprised to find this face. We’re so designed to see faces everywhere.