reboot 9.0 – Invitation to participate

I’m going. Are you? Link: reboot 9.0 – Invitation to participate: Calling all practical visionaries of the world! It’s time to reboot our minds once again; reboot9 will take place in Copenhagen Thursday, May 31 and Friday, June 1 2007. Two days away from implementing, away from the status quo. Two days together with old […]

Pause for Station Identification

Every so often, I find it useful to ‘pause for station identification’ so that it’s clear who I am and what I do. Whois My name is Charlie Schick, I am a product manager at Nokia (see details for more). I use this site mostly to talk and think about the fusion of the mobile […]

links for 2007-03-29

What’s next? | Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing The genius of Craigslist is in its governance system. It is its lightweight governance system that allows 21 people to administer 300 sites in 35 countries. I believe that the basis of competition in web services […]

A new way of charging for 3G data

I recently got a letter from my operator Sonera stating that they had changed their general data plan from 6 euros a megabyte to something like 0,9 euros a while hour (domestic, only, though). The hour would be calculated from the first event of the session. The data is unlimited during that hour. They even […]

A page from Alex’s scrapbook – urban miami

urban miami Originally uploaded by alex*c. I don’t know exactly what he’s up to, but it is intriguing. It’s clearly a scrapbook-style page he created from some photos he has on flickr. And it looks so real. It seems related to stuff I used to talk about back in the Nokia Lifeblog days – The […]