Out with 2007 and in with 2008

Yep, it’s the end of the year again. And what a year it has been for me, especially tacked on to the year I had in 2006. I’m looking forward to next year, since it is promising to have a little bit of everything for me. Many interesting things cropped up at the end of […]

links for 2007-12-31

YouTube – Crumpler Custom Bag Experience Found this goofy lo-res video on Custom Crumpler Bags. BTW, I am the no 1 Google listing for ‘custom crumpler’ (but not for ‘custom crumpler bag’). Go figure. (tags: custom crumpler bag) Crumpler Art Auction – a photoset on Flickr A collection of artsy Crumplers. (tags: Crumpler design art […]

Response to Christian’s post: Fragility of Digital Life

Christian Lindholm has a rough end of year, electronics-wise (link below). Machines acting up, licenses expiring, and data at risk. It brings up an running discussion we’ve been having since I joined his Lifeblog team at the start of ’04 – the future of memories. Here’s a note to Christian: Ah, dear friend, some things […]

links for 2007-12-29

DNA Art by DNA 11 dna artwork fingerprint Art lip art DNA canvas kiss portraits custom art In the past few weeks have been seeing a few references to the fusion of art and biotech. Hmm.. [hat tip infoaesthetics http://tinyurl.com/ypws9m] (tags: art biochemistry biotech chemistry clever cool creative design visualization science dna)

Tweeps on the analyst couch

In the past week or two, a few of my tweeps, Alex, @alexdc, and Sue, @dswaters, both from different circles (indeed, one in Miami the other in Perth), did a bit of soul-searching regarding their usage of Twitter. While I have had many discussion with folks regarding how they use their social networking tools, only […]

Socialstream – a project on Unified Social Networks

One thing that has been bugging me for a while is that, while we discuss the demise of the Website due to the fragmentation of the Web, we don’t seem to be straight on what will be the organizing principle (ok, so maybe it’s just me). I have always had an allergy to rearranging the […]

links for 2007-12-27

BBC NEWS | Technology | Apple shuts down rumours website “A California court initially sided with Apple but the hi-tech firm lost the case on appeal. The outcome of that said bloggers should be considered as journalists and subject to the same protections.” (tags: apple media publishing journalism)

The future of zoos

Society has come a long way in animal welfare. But we still are caught trying to balance the needs of humanity and the needs of the animal. Zoos are one example. How do we balance conservation (needed due to the effects of human activities), education, and animal welfare? Certainly, large carnivores always seem to suffer. […]

links for 2007-12-25

Patriots: For the records – Boston.com List of records the Patriots are set to break next week. (tags: football records lists fun boston patriots) Brazilian Cachaça [Answering a long-standing question I had] “Regardless of the variety, cachaça should not be confused with rum, which is distilled from the molasses left over after sugar refinement.” (tags: […]

links for 2007-12-24

Brainbow mice | Science | Guardian Unlimited (tags: neuroscience brain cool science photos art) What’s perfect about Boston? – Boston.com “The Patriots’ quest for an undefeated regular season got The Globe Magazine thinking: What really is perfect in this town as we begin the new year? Here is a sneak peek into our list.” (tags: […]