Live via Mobile is the new Live

How Long Is Now?Originally uploaded by Jofus | JoeTheDough When I was a kid, it was a thrill to watch sports live. Up in one corner, there’d bit a big flashing ‘Live – via Satellite’, a distinct differentiator for networks back then. Now, we’re savvy enough to see if it was broadcast live. Also, networks […]

Twitter is the queen of micro-down

My design for Twitter’s "over capacity" screenOriginally uploaded by Mykl Roventine Twitter has been so popular that it finally reached a stage where it was down more  and more frequently (Down is the new Black). But, after a total melt-down, they got their act together and sailed through Apple’s WWDC without a hitch. Or so […]

Billion-dollar life sciences bill passes Massachusetts Senate

Does Massachusetts need a stimulus in biotech? I don’t think so. It’s doing pretty well. This bill sounds like a bone thrown to biotech biz leaders around the state. One person in the article below even uttered the p-word “pork”. Oink oink, indeed. On the plus side, maybe I should be thinking of heading back. […]

Kevin Kelly and the New Rules of the New Biology

Kevin Kelly whipped up 9 rules for the Century of Neo-Biology (that label thrills me). I reproduce them here, but you might want to head over to his post (link below) to leave other rules there too. 1) All rules in biology have exceptions. 2) Anything that can be done with organisms (including our own), […]

Does Anyone Use Phone Booths Anymore?

A long forgotten phoneboothOriginally uploaded by schickr PhoneBoy asks this question (link below). Indeed, I think the folks who have been ramping down their phonebooth assets were so narrow-minded (as in ‘phone booth are for folks who need a to place a call and do not have a phone’) that they blew a golden opportunity. […]

What’s it with movie super-heroes sulking on building ledges?

Heh. I’ve noticed recurring imagery of super-heroes crouched on a building rooftop, on the ledge, usually in the rain, usually moping. It is also usually followed by the hero jumping off to do their thing. So far I’ve seen it in: Daredevil – It’s raining. he does a great dive, parkoursing in Daredevil’s signature way […]