Tracing paths in woods nearby

I’ve moved to a new neighborhood and there’s a forest nearby. Today, to get a better idea of all the trails, the dog and I wandered every trail we could find. I also has Sports Tracker on to see what a trace of the ramble might reveal. The resolution of the GPS kept some paths […]

Swimming the sea of knowledge (the Concept Web?)

I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to find, navigate, recombine, and contribute to … what’s out there, though mostly focused on science and the next generation of science ‘publishing’ (in quotes, since it’ll be quite different from traditional publishing, more back in the hands of the scientists like in the old […]

The Electric Knife Syndrome

I’m at the Mobile 2.0 conference in Barcelona. I was talking with Mark Kramer, and Bryan and Stepanie Rieger about the things we usually talk about. I had mentioned how I was at a conference where the enthusiasm for the ‘technology’ made folks forget to use simpler and better solutions. That led Mark to tell […]