Eye opening: Opera’s latest State of the Mobile Web report

When I see stuff like this I feel ashamed for ever thinking Africa’s use of mobile was any ‘less’ sophisticated than Europe or Asia. I keep reminding myself of the rise of photo sharing in Brasil, the use of mobile sites like MOSH and Winksite in India, and the number of hits nokia.mobi gets from […]

Where I’ve spoken, where I will speak

Here’s a list of some public talks I’ve given or panels I’ve been on over the past few years. 2011Healthcare New Media Marketing conference (Chicago, 23-24 May 2011) – Speaker: “Effective Healthcare UseFacebook: The Social Network of Continued Success” Panelist: “Great Information, but Now What? Putting Social Media Tools to Use” Ingite Amherst (Amherst, 08 […]

Does paying off the creditors undermine social trust?

Via a few people I went and read Margaret Atwood’s Op-Ed in the NYT (link below) about debt and its role in society. Nice read. For me the most interesting thing is the word for ‘debt’ and ‘sin’ are the same in Aramaic (see quote below). That turns ‘sin’, something to be ashamed of and […]

Gah. Why are folks trying to be digital in an analog world?

Call me old-fashioned, but I want some analog-computing being done with biological systems. I’m never comfortable with digital thinking with biological macromolecules. On-off systems built on chemical concentrations and macromolecular binding just don’t seem to make sense to me. Eh, there are folks doing this who are smarter than me, so I suppose I need […]

The most famous pillow book of the 20th century is getting revised

Here’s a great article (link below) on the book “The Joy of Sex,” which is getting updated for the 21st century (and women). It’s really interesting to think of the world that gave birth to the book compared to the world we live in now. The old book is full of interesting stuff, but feels […]

Do media endorsements of candidates mean anything

I’ve been watching Obama rack up the endorsements. But, a quick check of the last presidential election shows that Kerry far outstripped Bush in getting endorsements from major news outlets (and including a huge number of folks who endorsed Bush in 2000). Do endorsements make sense any more? Link: 2004 Media Endorsements – dKosopedia As […]

Political and economic turmoil driving info-obsession

Ok. But, are we just passive? Has there been an uptick in activism as well? Link: Too Much News? – NYTimes.com And the news is not just consequential, but whipsaw-volatile. Financial markets swing hundreds of points within an hour; poll numbers shift. This means that news these days has an unbelievably short shelf life, news […]