Presidential DNA tested for 2012 election?

Wow. This is a deep topic. While I think the discussions around DNA testing will start raging in the next 12 months, for sure there will be a question of whether presidential candidates should have a DNA test as part of the public health report. Ho-boy, this is getting interesting. Link: Presidential DNA: Don’t Ask, […]

A wander through personal genomics

So, I’ve been talking about trends in biology that I think are significant (maybe because I’ve only started following biology again in the past year). In any case, I’ve said the trends were synthetic biology, the future of scientific publishing, and personal genomics. Personal genomics is where individuals have detailed access to their genomic information […]

Potential of immune system reboot?

This is cool (below). Gene therapy combined with a re-install of the immune system. I am writing a story where the main character basically gets an immune system reboot. Due to the longevity of the people in the story, they are more susceptible to auto-immune diseases as the immune system breaks down or goes awry. […]

Hm. Just noticed changes in Google Search

Hm. Just noticed changes in Google SearchOriginally uploaded by schickr When was the last time Google messed with their search page? Seems like in this past week’s big push (they killed Lively and made changes to Gmail) they seemed to have added some controls to their search results (or at least, as suggested below, I […]

A good warning for writers, by Joel

Another great article by Joel Spolsky on, basically, literary laziness. Link: Anecdotes – Joel on Software This is not the way to move science forward. On Sunday Dave Winer [partially] defined “great blogging” as “people talking about things they know about, not just expressing opinions about things they are not experts in (nothing wrong with […]

“Taste good, sequence it” and “Look cute, sequence it.”

When I first started working in science, sequencing was just beginning to be a ‘kit’ science, where anyone could buy a kit and sequence. It was long ago enough for us to wonder at it, knowing that in the early days it took experienced scientists a long time to sequence anything through elaborate chemical means. […]

Random walks through synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is the design and building of novel organisms or biological systems. Sounds amazing, but we have been doing it to some degree for millenia, through husbandry of plants and animals, evolving them over time to drop the traits we didn't want (say, poison, aggression, horns) and promote the traits we did want (say, […]

Three trends for the future of biology

A chance encounter, about a year ago, with some interesting minds in the field of biomedical publishing had me going back to my roots: biology. I’ve been fascinated by science from a young age, particularly biology, which I studied and practiced for many years before a wormhole whisked me away and plopped me in the […]

All set for Le Web 08

Le Web ’08 All booked to be there and have fun.