Pause for station identification

06012009192 Wow. I haven't done one of these in a long time.

Molecules on the mind
My name is Charlie Schick, I am currently Editor-in-Chief of Nokia Conversations (but not for much longer).

For the past few years I have used this site mostly to philosophize on the fusion of Internet and mobile devices. But I've seemed to have made a definite shift back towards my first life – biology, science, and such similar geekery. Hence the name change of the site and its new de facto direction (or is that a meander).

My bio says that I have thoughts and actions ranging from biomedicine, molecular manipulations, indiscriminate writing, the long now and a post-electronic age, various forms of performances thespian and corporate, and philosophizing on the fusion of Internet and mobile devices. I am not sure what will transpire over the next 6 months and after, but my thoughts will be still roughly in those areas, just with a different emphasis and priority than before.

And a word from our sponsors … you.
As I've said before, thanks for reading my stuff. I am not sure how things have changed between us, what with long breaks between writing and a total topic shift from what originally brought us together. That so many keep coming back to this site, suggest that I do have something of value to you all. View me as one of those sites that is outside your usual comfort zone and that will stretch your mind.


Standard Disclaimer (riffing off of Cringley)

Everything I write here on this site is an expression of my own opinions, NOT of my employer, Nokia. If these were the opinions of Nokia, the site would be called 'Nokia something' and, for sure, the writing and design would be much more professional. Likewise, I am an intensely trained professional writer (heh), so don't expect to find any confidential secret corporate mumbo-jumbo being revealed here. Everything I write here is public info or readily found via any decent search engine or easily deduced by someone who has an understanding of the industry.
On the flip side, this is my personal site. Please don’t flood me with ideas that you think Nokia might be interested in. There are other channels for such biz dev, and this site is not part of them.