Molecular Playground: Architectural Scale Interactive Molecules

I just found out that my thesis advisor is working on a cool project. There's a new science building going up at UMass Amherst (where I got my PhD) and Craig T Martin (my thesis advisor) thought it would be cool to do an art installation where molecules are projected on the walls. He also […]

What can we learn from Asilomar?

There was a flurry of indignation recently on the DIYbio discussion group over an article in the Wall Street Journal over the safety of bio hackers (with added aggravation from Fox News' dramatic title to the exact same article). Interestingly, this kind of alarm is not new, especially to biology. In the early days of […]

Video: The Future of Science Publishing

In February, in a Barcelona restaurant, Mark Kramer caught up with me and asked me what I would be speaking about at the 3rd WLE Symposium (notes from the talk are in a preceding post). He was kind enough to give me the video, so check it out below. (and, no, I don't lisp like […]

links for 2009-05-21

Academy launches 'Synthetic Biology: scope, applications and implications' "A report launched by the Academy today highlights an emerging but critical new field of innovation and technology that has potential for major societal benefit and wealth creation in such areas as healthcare, energy and the environment. Synthetic biology – the insertion of carefully engineered DNA into […]

links for 2009-05-20

Technology Review: Tiny Machine Commands a Swarm of Bacteria Wicked video of a microchip controlling bacteria via electromagnetism making the chip move through a solution up a pH gradient. via @genegeek via @edyong209 (tags: bacteria nanobots cool science biology) Garage Metagenomics "I’ve started looking through the metagenomics literature(links to fulltext library) for simple protocols that […]

Talk: The Future of Science Publishing

I think about the fusion of mobile and Web all the time. And I’ve been talking about and thinking about designing services and software for years. But I also was an academic researcher for about 10 years, with 18 co-authored papers. All this converged about a year and half ago when I met Matt Cockerill […]

Changing the journal impact factor through real-time transparent statistics

I've mentioned Mendeley before. They refer to themselves as a for science papers, but I think it'll be much more. One thing they realize they are changing, as a side effect, is the impact factor (sort of like a Page Rank of science papers, based on incoming links (citations) to the paper and the […]

links for 2009-05-17

Nature Publishing Group's Omics Gateway Hmmm… "The Omics Gateway provides life scientists a convenient portal into publications relevant to large-scale biology from journals throughout NPG. By organizing our papers and web focus projects on large-scale biology into this comprehensive, regularly updated, one-stop web portal, we hope to help you quickly reach the resources you need […]

links for 2009-05-16

Ginkgoo » Blog Archive » Changes coming to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts "For each group of parts, we’ve added text and pictures to better explain why and how you’d want to use those parts in larger systems." This is a distinct improvement over the previous version. Though I would like to see even […]

When the Central Dogma is not enough – microbial small RNAs

One thing that has always bugged me was a sort of pendatic repetition of what's called the Central Dogma of molecular biology – that DNA goes to RNA goes to protein. What bothered me was that it way oversimplified the complexity of information transfer and control in organisms. And for me, the excitement has been […]