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TruGenetics™, Inc. :: Enhancing Life Through Genomics Hmm. Free Genome Scanning (SNPs). [via @LaBlogga] (tags: genomics service science biotech trend biology) PHD Comics: OMG! ROTFL!! Great comic on what kind of comments a science paper might get. (tags: science comics comic funny humor research fun molecularist publishing socialweb) Online Engagement of Scientists with the literature: […]

links for 2009-06-20 – A forum (tags: biology biotech biotechnology culture diybio forum future genetics technology science biopunk molecularist) Joho the Blog » Bing, Google … and Kayak "I’ve been poking around Microsoft’s Bing. The short answer is that it’s not going to move me off of Google. Of course, my Google inertia is pretty much sleeping-hippopotamus-like […]

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Harvard classrooms, labs feel pinch of budget cuts – The Boston Globe Hand-wringing at Harvard. (tags: harvard university schools crisis budget money education research molecularist) Ginkgoo » Assembly standards A few comments by Reshma on the Biobrick standard and variations on it. "We only have to look to the VHS vs. betamax format wars followed […]

links for 2009-06-11

Coke's RFID-Based Dispensers Redefine Business Intelligence — Business Intelligence "Coca-Cola doesn't think its customers have enough drink choices. So starting this summer, diners at some California, Georgia, and Utah fast-food joints will get to try a self-serve drink dispenser that pours more than 100 varieties of sodas, juices, teas, and flavored waters." (tags: innovation product […]

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Alexandra DAISY Ginsberg "City" A weary traveller arrives in yet another generic, bleak and impenetrable city. Lonely in his business hotel room, he discovers a pair of magic goggles. As he tries them on the city transforms into a vibrant, organic place filled with the unexpected, including a mysterious girl wearing a pink bow…Drawn in […]

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Espresso Book Machine | Books | Images of the amazing contraption. (tags: books digital book press publishing ideas ondemand) Revolutionary Espresso Book Machine launches in London | Books | It's the Atomic Kindle! "It's not elegant and it's not sexy – it looks like a large photocopier – but the Espresso Book Machine […]